HOMIEBRANDS® much more than just Fashion Trademarks

We are looking for distributors and retail partners for our popular brands world-wide

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Experts estimate the cost for establishing a new brand name at around US$ 100 million for the first 3 years alone, until a recognition and market penetration of only 20 percent is achieved.


Imagine the advantages and savings it will bring your company to have a readily recognized brand name with almost 100% recollection available right from the very beginning.


Trademarks and brands influence the choices of customers, employees, investors and government authorities.

In a world of abundant choices, such influence is crucial for commercial success.


We can help you enter international markets with readily recognized and appreciated brand names for your products or services with an almost 100 percent recognition for your products or services right from the very start - in the USA, all 28 European Union countries plus Switzerland as well as Asian markets.

Now, your products or services can also capitalize on the power and easy recognition of our established international trademarks.

Our international portfolio holds many trendy brands and fashion lables geared toward the young fashionable crowd.


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American Outdoors® We are celebrating America the Beautiful - from Sea to shining Sea and every wonderful place in between. We bring you exclusive designs for your active lifestyle; not only for the Great Outdoors, but also for your exciting City Life and Urban Jungle Adventures. Our designs are inspired by America's beautiful and untouched wilderness; from the Rockies and the Prairies, from the wild, unrelenting and forever untamed Shining Seas to the Urban City Jungles. For a large selection of our designs and styles please followthis link and we are also on Facebook.


Jailhouse Blues® From the Streets of New York to the Boulevards of LA, and any place in between. Jailhouse Blues® is our premium brand for you tough guys and your ladies only. And for all of you who would like to feel that way once in a while. For a large selection of our designs and styles please followthis link, and we are also on Facebook.


Miss Hip Hop USA® Our brand is not only for Miss Hip Hop® beauty pageants or sports events, but also for perfume and cosmetic products, clothing and lingerie, dance and fitness products of all kinds world-wide. (Facebook)


Homies® Our range of Homies® trademarks gives you a large variety of brand selections for your products and services - worldwide. Everybody has Homies®, and every Homie® has his Homie Girl® or his Hip Hop Babe®. Our Homies® family of brands has an immediate and universal recognition world-wide with the young and affluent in-crowds.


Homies Girl® Every Homie® has his Homies Girl®. It is our brand for all girlies and teenies world-wide, especially for perfume and cosmetic products, clothing and lingerie, dance and fitness products of all kinds, sport events and beauty pageants - just for anything and anyone Hip Hop. (Facebook)


Homies New York® Our Homies New York® trademark can be adapted to your city or country. It gives you a large variety of brand selections for your products and services - worldwide. Everybody in New York and thrughout the USA has his Homies®, and every Homie has his Homies Girl®. (Facebook)


Rollin' with the Homies® is our hugely popular brand for all skaters and bikers. It is available for licensing for your products or services from clothing for skaters to leather clothing for bikers, and many more varieties and classes. (Facebook).


Raden Saleh® is our premium trademark with a 100% recognition value in Indonesia and it's over 240 million consumers for your products and services. Please follow this link for detailed information on this brand.

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