Invest in breathtaking Indonesia, Turkey and the EU with awesome Greece

Indonesia, Turkey and Greece - three of the most beautiful countries in the world offer amazing real estate investment opportunities for investors seeking secure income producing investments such as first-class hotels, or magnificent vacation properties which of course can also be rented.


We cover both worlds and offer you the most exclusive real estate listings on Greece's Dream Islands and throughout Indonesia's top locations. With more than 35,000 properties in our portfolio available for you, we are your # 1 choice in Greece, Turkey and Indonesia for any and all of your real estate Investments.


With the most experienced real estate associates we will gladly help you find the property of your dreams, or the one to perfectly match your investment requirements.


For additional information on our featured exquisite and luxury properties, as well as our many income-producing real estate investment listings please just call us, or use the contact form to schedule an appointment with our offices in Greece, Turkey or Indonesia.


And for your convenience you can communicate with us in English, Bahasa Indonesia, Greek, French, and German.


Important Bonus for non-EU Investors: Your Real Estate Investment through us in Greece of EUR 250.000 (or more) makes you eligible for a Permanent Resident Visa. Greece is your Doorstep to all 28 Countries of the European Union and its 503 million consumers - the world's third largest population after China and India. Please click on our 'EU Visa Program' link above, or use our contact form to request additional information.


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