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The Raden Saleh® Trademark in Indonesia, the ASEAN-Region and worldwide

Enter the Indonesian market with 100% recognition for your products or services

We can help you enter the Indonesian market with its more than 245 million potential customers for your products or services – or expand your business base there – with an almost 100% recognition for your products or services right from the very start.

Indonesia is also your doorstep to the ASEAN-region, with its 800 million potential customers for your company.

Now, your products, services and investments can also capitalize on the power and easy recognition of the international Raden Saleh® trademark.

Experts estimate the cost for establishing a new brand name at around US$ 100 million for the first 3 years alone, until a recognition and market penetration of 20% is achieved.

Imagine the advantages and savings it will bring your company to have a readily recognized brand name with almost 100% recollection available right from the very beginning.

Trademarks and brands influence the choices of customers, employees, investors and government authorities. In a world of abundant choices, such influence is crucial for commercial success.

Prince Raden Saleh (1811-1880), Indonesia’s foremost artist and pioneer of modern art, does not really need an introduction to anyone familiar with Indonesia and Asia.

His name is evident in almost every Indonesian city and town, with at least one street or square named after him.

Every adult and every schoolchild knows and associates positive attitudes and developments with his name in this emerging world market with more than 237 million consumers for your products and services.

Indonesia is also your doorstep to the ASEAN-region, with its 800 million potential customers for your company.

As a member of WTO and WIPO, Indonesia is among those countries that take a stand to ensure proper protection for trademarks and intellectual property rights. In this light, investors in Indonesia are protected by numerous legislations in this area.

The Raden Saleh® trademark is available in Indonesia for your products and services in the following WIPO-Classes

Class of goods/services 2

Paints, artist paints, varnishes, lacquers, corrosion prevention materials and wood decay, color materials, filter materials, unprocessed natural resin, metals form of leaves, or powder for purposes of painting, decoration, printing and for artists

Class of goods/services 35

Advertising, business management, business administration, office functions.

Class of goods/services 36 

Insurance, financial affairs, monetary affairs, real estate affairs.

We are looking forward to receiving your inquiry and will be pleased to send you further detailed information on the many advantages of the Raden Saleh® trademark.

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