Since 1743...

With a legacy and experience of 277 years we have to be the very best.


It was 277 years ago, back in 1743 that the Bustaman family - the family of Indonesia's national hero Raden Saleh and also of our CEO Dr. Dr. George H. Hundeshagen - acquired the first land on Java, in what until today is Kampung Bustaman in Semarang. 


Raden Saleh Syarif Bustaman is a national hero in his native Indonesia. He is cherished as the ‘superstar’ and founder of modern painting, known and beloved by Indonesians worldwide. Nearly every Indonesian man and woman all over the globe, and every school child knows his name and celebrates his legacy in the arts and sciences.


Our CEO Dr. Dr. Hundeshagen, the grandnephew of Raden Saleh with two doctoral degrees in Franchising and Management, as well as many decades of experience in worldwide logistics (air cargo and ocean freight) has been instrumental in realizing numerous international projects (please see our Raden Saleh Logistics page).


In 2008 we were appointed by Chairman H.E. Muhammad Lutfi to represent the Indonesian Investment Coordinating Board BKPM in Europe.


So you can rest assured that our knowledge and expertise in the worldwide logistic business - honed in over 277 years - is second to none.


Today the RADEN SALEH® GROUP is active world-wide as your logistics partner. In addition we also franchise and license our proven international logistics system and valuable brand name to companies under Raden Saleh® Logistics,

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